About Me - Kapture Philadelphia

A Little More About Me....

1. Animals are my passion --- second only to photography. Wolves, giraffes, horses, and tigers were but a few of my choice pets. Reality hit me as I grew older, so I pour all of my love into dogs and cats.

2. The unknown excites me. Life can be a bit mundane and predictable at times. Show me something new.

3. I'm addicted to Cinnabons. Everyone has their guilty pleasure, and mines happens to be covered in cinnamon and vanilla goodness.

4. I can't watch horror films. I'm a huge punk and not ashamed.

5. I love mornings. So much more gets accomplished with an early start.

6. I was never big on TV, until Game of Thrones aired. If you don't watch it, then I'm terribly sorry for your loss. BUT, if you do -- let's chat it over during our next session! Fan theories are the best.

7. I like to sing, but I'm horrible at it.

8. I have a slight fear of bees. I'd say a solid 65 out of 100.

9. Salsa dancing is one of my favorite outlets. It's a fun and energy-filled dance, and a great way to meet people!

10. Google is my best friend. If I need to know something, I know who to turn to.

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